Podcast Episode 92: Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable with Cheryl Porro

In Blog, Community, The She+ Geeks Out Podcast by Rachel Murray

It’s been almost two years (or, um, two millenia?) since we spoke with the lovely Cheryl Porro, founder of rth (pronounced earth!) labs, former CTO of Thrive Global, and former SVP of Technology & Products at Salesforce.org! We talk about the opportunities that present themselves during moments of change. For Cheryl, she was ahead of the curve, so we talk about how moments of change can be one way to find what we’re here to do. Felicia and Rachel also spend some time in the first part of the pod catching up on our favorite things in the world and all the things we’re working on to make this world a little bit shinier in a time when it doesn’t feel so shiny.

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