Podcast Episode 91: Getting Happy with Sarah Shewey

In Blog, The She+ Geeks Out Podcast by Rachel Murray

It’s the year 2020 and a global pandemic has taken over the world. IRL events are canceled everywhere and many are forced to get super freaking creative with how to stay connected. This is why we were so excited to speak with Sarah Shewey! Sarah is the Founder of Happily, a nationwide network of over 50,000 independent marketers, producers, coordinators, and assistants, specializing in delivering effective strategy and sustainable operations for conferences and popups with some of the world’s biggest brands.

Her experience as an early team member of TED and a whole host of other events led her to the creation of Happily. We talked about the probletunities of being an event organizer and business owner in these challenging times. We also talk about Sarah’s incredible glasses, her upcoming nuptials, making fashion masks, and more! 

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