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SGO Monthly Event sponsored by Twitter

Twitter Offices 141 Portland St, Cambridge

SOLD OUT! Please join Twitter and She+ Geeks Out at Twitter's Cambridge office for a fun night of learning, networking, eating and drinking! You’ll walk away with more knowledge, new connections, and a full belly! Would you like to get full price off this event and other perks? Individual memberships available here! Speakers Kristen Johnson, Technical Program Manager @ Twitter How Fabric ...


SGO Workshop: Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

CIC Boston 50 Milk Street, Meridian Meeting Room, 5th Floor, Meridian Meeting Room, 5th Floor, Boston

You may have heard about unconscious or implicit bias, but aren’t quite sure what it is or have a rudimentary understanding of it. At its core, unconscious bias is just what it sounds like. Bias that we don’t consciously register. In this interactive workshop, we’ll walk you through its meaning and show you several types of unconscious biases that can ...

SGO DEI Webinar: Community Care in the Workplace

We are becoming more aware that our personal lives and experiences impact and influence how we show up in the workplace. Now more than ever, stress in the workplace is at an all-time high, resulting in a variety of negative outcomes, including an increase of resignations from employees. While companies are investing in self-care activities such as massages for their ...


SGO in Boston: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Meetup

WeWork 745 Atlantic Ave, Boston

From Self-Care to Community Care: How Can We Show Up for Ourselves and Our Colleagues?Over the past few years, the term self-care has been used to help us think of ways we can avoid burnout, feel better, and take better care of our mental health overall. As a result, many companies have also joined the self-care movement by implementing initiatives ...


SGO Diversity & Inclusion Webinar: Inclusive Meetings in the Workplace

This webinar is useful for anyone who runs meetings, but is unsure they’re getting the best out of their entire staff. We’ll cover the importance of understanding unconscious bias and how that shows up in meetings, different ways people communicate, and how to most effectively acknowledge and include everyone– including those team members who may not be present in the ...


SGO March Public Workshop: Foundations of an Inclusive Workplace Culture

Virtual- Zoom Link to be provided

This workshop is designed to provide foundational understanding of what it means to create a culture of inclusivity in the workplace. Participants will gain insight on the the term inclusion, why it’s important, and review the main components to consider when thinking of inclusion in the workplace.  Agenda: 6:00pm-7:30pm – Virtual workshop - workshop will include a mix of instructor-led ...

SGO DEI Webinar: Inclusive Recruiting & Talent Acquisition in the Workplace

Recruiters and talent acquisition leaders play an important role in attracting employees to companies. Beyond recruiting employees, it is helpful to have a long-term strategy in place to create a more efficient, productive, and intentional hiring process. In this webinar we will:  Review the differences between recruiting and acquiring Debunk the myth about “not finding qualified diverse candidates” Understand why ...


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Land Acknowledgement

She+ Geeks Out was originally founded on land that is the traditional territory of the Massachusett and Pawtucket tribes, and which is still home to descendants of these peoples. At this point in time, the SGO team is fully remote, and we are located across the United States. Land acknowledgements are a way for us to reflect upon the duality of our work— while we work within our team, our community, and our client organizations to promote greater inclusivity and abolish inequities, we ourselves still perpetuate and contribute to various forms of historical and present oppression. We are now operating in a virtual space, but we can still honor and name the physical spaces we all inhabit. We encourage you to learn more about the lands you are currently on and reflect on your own place in this work.

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