Moms as Mentors Workshops

Moms as Mentors’ corporate training programs offer the chance to ensure a future workforce of talented, confident and driven women in STEM. Their innovative approach aimed at attracting, engaging and retaining highly-qualified top-level female employees is a meaningful and refreshing way to demonstrate corporate commitment to the community, work/life balance and family-friendly policies.


  • Workshops are typically 1-hour (but adjustments to the length can be made).
  • Sessions can be run as small group discussions (10-12 people) and for larger audiences (20-100 people) . Regardless of group size, there are opportunities for audience participation and discussion.
  • We run workshops at your company – in conference rooms or larger event spaces
  • We welcome people from all genders to attend our workshops – you don’t have to be a mom!

This workshop offers employees who are parents (or caregivers):

  • the chance to become more self-confident and influential role models for their children
  • research-based tools that can be incorporated into their daily lives to improve their girls’ academic, career, and life outcomes
  • a powerful and supportive network of fellow colleagues within the company and increased opportunities for mentorship and sponsorship.


How To Promote STEM Interest And Confidence To Tomorrow’s STEM Leaders
This interactive workshop explores why it’s more important than ever for children, particularly girls, to be encouraged in the STEM fields and how adult figures in their lives can most effectively promote STEM interest and confidence. Topics include how to be mindful of what messaging you convey to children about their STEM abilities and STEM careers as well as concrete ways to incorporate STEM into children’s lives.  This workshop is a great training for employees who may be looking to share their STEM passion with local kids in their community.

How To BE A STEM Mentor
This interactive workshop explores why it’s more important than ever for girls to be encouraged in the STEM fields and how you can be a “STEM Mentors” for girls, regardless of your own comfort or experience with STEM. The session includes a discussion of practical ways to be a STEM mentor on a daily basis. Participants leave with take-home resources to help encourage children’s STEM interest and confidence. This workshop is great way to arm employees with significant girls in their lives (e.g. daughters, sisters, nieces, mentees etc.) with the tools and resources to help encourage those girls’ interest and confidence in STEM.

Opening Doors To Your Daughter’s Future
This session explores why it’s more important than ever for parents, and moms in particular, to mentor their daughters, particularly when it comes to girls’ career aspirations. It will include practical tips on how to be a mentor on a daily basis and throughout girls’ different developmental stages. We will discuss ways moms (and other adult role models) can maintain a strong bond with their girls and also promote their interest in fast-growing career fields where women remain underrepresented (e.g. STEM, entrepreneurship and political/civic engagement).

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