Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshops

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are top of mind for many organizations, but many of us lack the knowledge, skills, or tools to take meaningful and long-term action. We provide training programs for companies and individuals who want to implement real changes in their workplace. SGO workshops are interactive, open to all, and are designed to bring about actionable results. We address sensitive and important issues, in the welcoming space that we’re known for. We offer a variety of programs and content topics, in person and virtually, and can customize each for your company’s needs. Is there something you’re looking for that isn’t represented here? Let us know-- we can also work with you to build out a custom offering.

Our Workshops

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

This workshop is designed for team members of all levels. We review basic concepts and topics of diversity, equity, inclusion, and bias. Attendees will explore how implicit attitudes and socializations impact our decisions and the interactions we have with one another. By the end of this foundational workshop, participants will understand and be able to discuss key concepts, articulate what unconscious bias is, and spot how it manifests at work. Participants will be provided with methods and strategies to help mitigate bias in the workplace and beyond.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and be able to discuss the foundational concepts of diversity, equity, inclusion
  • Understand the concept of unconscious bias
  • Recognize how bias manifests in the workplace 
  • Develop strategies and review methods for mitigating and disrupting bias at work

Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions

Microaggressions are everyday verbal and nonverbal slights, snubs, or insults, which can either be intentional or unintentional. These actions communicate negative or hostile messages that are based solely on the recipient's perceived marginalized group membership. In this workshop, we’ll cover what microaggressions are, how they manifest, and how we can respond to them as a recipient, as someone who has committed a microaggression, and as a witness to one.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to identify what a microaggression is and how it manifests
  • Know how to respond to microaggressions from three different perspectives

Allyship in the Workplace

In today’s world, it’s not enough to be a bystander– we have to move to learning how to understand and act as an ally. This workshop covers a discussion of how to act as an ally in the workplace. We review best practices, terminology related to power and privilege, and specific allyship tools and skills. The workshop includes interactive discussions on relevant real-life scenarios tailored to you.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand terminology related to allyship, including power and privilege
  • Develop allyship skills and frameworks
  • Know how to leverage ally skills to advocate for those who have been traditionally excluded, marginalized, and discriminated against in the workplace

Creating an Inclusive Culture

The workshop will open with a foundational overview of diversity, equity, inclusion, and unconscious bias. We will examine the presence of bias in the workplace and attendees will gain concrete tools and action plans for supporting their teams. Attendees will walk away with a deep understanding of how to personally contribute to creating a supportive and inclusive culture that will improve retention, provide support, and help employees grow professionally.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how toxic culture is created and sustained
  • Know how to support all members of your team
  • Plan and measure efforts toward greater team inclusivity

Understanding and Addressing Racism

This three-part introductory workshop examines the root causes of racism and the ways in which it manifests in the workplace and beyond. We will discuss our own personal experiences while thinking of ways to dismantle and unlearn harmful narratives we’ve consciously and unconsciously accepted. By the end of this workshop, participants will be provided with an anti-racist framework on how to begin recognizing and addressing manifestations of racism.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how racism has impacted the lives of various racial groups
  • Understand how racism manifests at the ideological, individual, interpersonal, and institutional levels
  • Engage in meaningful conversations related to our identities, power, and  privilege
  • Adopt an anti-racist lens in our personal and professional lives

Recruiting and Hiring Inclusively

Geared toward recruiters and hiring managers, this workshop series examines each step in a typical hiring process through the lens of inclusivity. The workshop will open with a review of the foundational concepts of diversity, equity, inclusion, and unconscious bias. We break down the entire life cycle of your specific hiring process through an inclusive and equitable lens. From creating the initial job description to making an offer, participants will explore how bias manifests at each stage, and provide tangible strategies to mitigate it. We will practice with hands-on activities, and wrap up by having each participant develop their own action plan so that they feel empowered to take steps toward change after the workshop.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how unconscious bias manifests during the hiring process
  • Create and edit job descriptions through an inclusive and equitable lens
  • Be able to expand your sourcing practices so they're more inclusive and reach a more diverse group of candidates
  • Know how to inclusively assess your candidate pool via resume review and interviewing

Reviewing Resumes Inclusively & Inclusive Interviewing

The workshop explores how bias manifests during resume review and interviewing. Participants will discuss how to apply an inclusive and equitable lens to both of these stages of the hiring process. We will practice with hands-on activities and discussions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how unconscious bias manifests during resume review and interviewing
  • Know how to inclusively assess your candidate pool via resume review and interviewing

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Running Inclusive Meetings

Attendees will take an in-depth look at a vital part of everyone’s day– meetings– and discuss how to best prepare for, run, and support inclusive work gatherings. We’ll cover how bias shows up in meetings, different ways people communicate, and how to most effectively acknowledge and include everyone, no matter where your team is working from.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify bias during before, during, and after meetings
  • Be able to run effective meetings with an inclusive lens

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional intelligence plays a key part in our social interactions and understanding of each other. This workshop is an introduction to the concept of emotional intelligence and its importance in a workplace setting. The workshop includes a discussion of emotional intelligence, and reviews how emotional intelligence skills can be effective in the workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the theory of emotional and social intelligence
  • Understand the role of emotional intelligence at work and the neuroscience behind emotional reactions
  • Become aware of your own personal emotional intelligence profile and competencies

Leading DEI Conversations

The Leading DEI Conversations program is designed for those who will act as facilitators within their organization on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Participants will attend four (2 hour) training sessions in order to gain support and tools when navigating conversations related to identity, privilege, power, and change. We’ll cover topics related to the art of facilitating group discussions, foundations of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and ways to both navigate and process information as an individual and as a facilitator in the workplace. You will be able to practice facilitation skills in a safe and welcoming space, so that you can feel confident in your ability to hold space for others who will be coming from a wide range of backgrounds, understanding, and experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Address and facilitate challenging conversations regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Increase awareness of how identity, privilege, and difference impacts how we’re perceived and how others perceive us 
  • Establish guidelines and strategies on how to create and hold space for colleagues (including self) in the workplace and beyond

Custom Workshops

Each workshop is specifically tailored to your individual goals. However, if you don’t see a workshop topic listed here, we routinely create customized workshops on a variety of DEI-related topics and themes. We are happy to have a conversation with you to learn more about your needs.


Who are these workshops for?

These workshops are aimed at a corporate audience, and are intended to support, complement, or kickstart your internal initiatives. The topics and materials are applicable to a broad cross-section of job functions and roles, and many workshop topics can be taken by anyone within your organization -- from your office manager to your CEO. For certain workshops, we will work with you to identify who would benefit the most from attending. All sessions are open to all-- they are meant for anyone that would find this content useful!

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