If you love She+ Geeks Out and want to help us grow, we would love you to consider becoming a Chapter Leader! What does that mean, you ask? Excellent question! Read below for all the details.

We’re looking for someone to commit 5-10 hours a month to do the following:

  • Run the show! You’ll be executing on our tried and true events playbook for our signature Geek Out event. This includes setting up, leading our local heralds/ambassadors on registration, MC’ing the event, taking pictures/video, and anything else that might need handling the night of the event
  • Check in with the SGO team on pre-and-post-event logistics
  • Distribute swag, stickers, and speaker gifts
  • Refer any potential company sponsors to SGO HQ (you’ll get bonuses for any new sponsors your fabulous self brings to us, and that we end up partnering with!)
  • Recruit and inspire ambassadors – if people attend and want to help, great! Many hands make light work
  • Keep SGO HQ updated with what’s working and (more importantly) what’s not working!

What makes an incredible chapter leader:

  • You reflect the spirit and energy of She+ Geeks Out – fun, humble, smart, honest, and kind
  • You have a background in and/or experience with event planning, so you know what it takes to really run the show
  • You freaking LOVE people – you get energy from them and can’t wait to meet more
  • You are totally comfortable working with others to execute day-of (which means asking for support from us, from ambassadors, and anyone else if needed to make sure everyone has an incredible time)
  • You can roll with the unexpected and are able to handle last minute crises (events ALWAYS have something on fire in the background, and you should be able to deal with them while making sure no one in attendance knows what’s breaking)
  • You probably have a background working in the tech industry in some way – nope you do NOT need to be a coder, but you should have experience working in some sort of tech-adjacent role

Does all of this excite you? Then what are you waiting for? Fill out the application below today!

What is our timeline like? We’ll be in touch with details as soon as possible!

What does pay look like? This is not a volunteer thing, but it’s not a full-time job either. We’ll give you the details on what compensation looks like once we move forward. 

What cities are we considering for 2020? We’re open! A few that are high on our list at the moment include: San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Austin, Washington DC, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.