If you love She+ Geeks Out and want to help us grow, we would love you to consider joining our team of Heralds and Ambassadors! What does that mean, you ask? Excellent question! Here’s a quick description of both roles:

Happy hugsAmbassadors are a vital part of the She+ Geeks Out community. It’s the mission of an ambassador to tell friends, family, colleagues, and all of the Internets about She+ Geeks Out and help make our in-person events and online community embody the SGO spirit and values – kindness, helpfulness, intelligence, humor, and honesty. 

Heralds are ambassadors-to-be! Heralds are women+ who know and love She+ Geeks Out, but don’t currently live in a city where we have in-person events. As we look to expand, we’re looking for heralds to bring out their horns and shout from the rooftops that we’re coming! We’re currently actively looking for heralds in the following cities: Denver, Austin, Washington DC, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Even if you’re not located in one of these cities, we’d still love to know if you’re interested in bringing us to your city (as it can help us plan for the future)! 

What makes an incredible ambassador or herald:

  • You reflect the spirit and energy of She+ Geeks Out – fun, humble, smart, honest, and kind
  • You love pitching in and helping where and when needed
  • You probably have a background working in the tech industry in some way – nope you do NOT need to be a coder, but it’s helpful if you have experience working in some sort of tech-adjacent role

What we’re asking:

  • Spread the word of She+ Geeks Out! This can take a lot of forms – pick the social media platform of your choice, send emails, tell your colleagues at work in whatever chat tool you use, tell your neighborhood barista, etc. 
  • Attend She+ Geeks Out events
  • Bring people! Bring as many people as you can to our events! The fastest and best way to grow community is to have people show up and experience it firsthand.
  • Attend regular ambassador meetings (once we have critical mass in a city, we’ll transition our heralds to SGO ambassadors. We have quarterly ambassador meetings)
  • Be an active part of our online community by sharing your thoughts, answering questions, asking questions, and sending giphys in Slack, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook groups

What we’re offering:

  • Free access to all She+ Geeks Out community events, and discounts to our special events
  • Special SGO swag
  • Free SGO membership with access to member perks
  • Private herald/ambassador Slack channel
  • Referral codes for your friends and colleagues
  • Ambassador happy hours
  • Our undying gratitude

If you think this is something you’d like to be a part of, then YAY! Fill out this application and we’ll be in touch super soon!