Global Property Management Platform Enhances Foundation of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging by Partnering with She+ Geeks Out

Buildium wanted to construct a foundation that would encourage and support different points of view and foster a true sense of belonging among their current and prospective employees. To do this, they wanted a deeper understanding of current diversity and inclusion issues through education. They also wanted examples of the right language to talk about these issues constructively. Read more.

Women-Owned Staffing Firm Finds Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Expertise at She+ Geeks Out

As KNF&T specializes in helping candidates from underrepresented populations get hired, they understand that education about diversity-related issues is never finished. They reached out because they wanted to continue to strengthen their knowledge on topics related to diversity; specifically, diversity in hiring. Their goal: to provide the best possible guidance to clients seeking to develop and maintain an inclusive workforce. Read more.